Personalized Rings

Here’s a different take on popular monogram jewelry – spelling out your child’s entire name on a ring! Names Ring offers customized rings in silver or gold plated, starting at $35 for 4 characters.

I’m much more of a ring person now that I have young children who like to pull at my necklaces and earrings, so this is right up my alley!

Do you wear personalized jewelry of your children’s pictures, names, or initials?

Pampers Gifts to Grow Points

Did you know that all Pampers products have a Gifts to Grow code on them that enable you to collect rewards? You can enter the codes on the Pampers website, through a mobile app, or via text. Rewards include donations to foundations, Shutterfly prints, gift cards, toys, and more!

Coco Penny Hairclips

I’ve received several comments asking where I buy Olive’s hairpins, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorite resources! First up is Coco Penny. We have a number of their sweet felt flowers and bows, and love how they can be clipped onto a headband. Luckily Olive’s hair has really started coming in the past couple of months so we haven’t had to use headbands, which are much harder to keep on!

My favorite pieces are the felt violet cluster clip seen above, and the felt bow. But I think the snap clips on the violet cluster works better than alligator clips on the felt bow for short haired babies like Olive. The violet cluster clip stays in her hair all day!

What are some of your favorite places to buy hairclips?

Native Shoes

Now that it’s warm out, all the kids in Charlie’s daycare and our neighborhood are wearing Native shoes. Apparently they’ve been around for years, but I’ve only recently noticed them!

Native shoes are waterproof, easy to slip on and off, and made of similar material to Crocs, but they’re more secure and made in classic silhouettes that look like moccasins, Keds, or Converse sneakers.

I purchased Charlie a pair of Crocs earlier this year and he kicks them off so often, we only use them in our backyard otherwise he’d surely lose one. I think Crocs look adorable on kids, and these Native shoes are even cuter! I may just have to get Charlie a pair for the summer. According to the reviews the different styles fit differently, but they generally run wide and big (so did Crocs for Charlie) so you may want to try them in person or order a couple of different sizes from Zappos, which is what I usually do.

Would you buy Natives for your child?

Infantino Stretch

Now that summer is here and we’re out and about all weekend, I want to purchase an organizer for our Maclaren Quest umbrella stroller. I first looked to the universal organizer by Maclaren, but several reviewers stated that the cup holder is too small to hold any beverages other than small plastic water bottles, and that’s one of the most important features we’re looking for in an organizer.

I recently came across the new Infantino Stretch, created specifically for umbrella strollers. Made of flexible neoprene, the Stretch slips onto your umbrella stroller’s handles. It has four storage pockets for keys, phone, etc., and two insulated pockets for beverages. You can easily toss it in the washing machine, and it folds flat when you fold the stroller.

We currently have a Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy that we’re using on our Bugaboo Bee (and previously our City Mini). It works great with those two strollers, but it doesn’t fold down, which is a nice feature to have for an umbrella stroller. The Sunshine Kids Buggy is also harder to clean (for some reason it gets filthy pretty quickly), and I like that I can just toss the Stretch into the washing machine.

Do you have a stroller organizer that you love?


Gilt Groupe is having a sale on Joyfolie shoes today, and since I had some credits, I bit the bullet and bought a pair for Olive! She won’t be able to wear them until she’s a toddler next spring, but Joyfolie’s shoes are just too cute to resist! I debated between the two on the top, and ultimately decided on the more neutral color hoping she’ll be able to get a little more wear out of them.

Silhouette Belly Shots

I love One Pork Chop’s take on belly shots! She’s been documenting her pregnancy with weekly silhouette belly shots in front of a bright, graphic curtain. No need to worry about your clothes, make-up, or hair. Genius!

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