Now that it’s warm out, all the kids in Charlie’s daycare and our neighborhood are wearing Native shoes. Apparently they’ve been around for years, but I’ve only recently noticed them!

Native shoes are waterproof, easy to slip on and off, and made of similar material to Crocs, but they’re more secure and made in classic silhouettes that look like moccasins, Keds, or Converse sneakers.

I purchased Charlie a pair of Crocs earlier this year and he kicks them off so often, we only use them in our backyard otherwise he’d surely lose one. I think Crocs look adorable on kids, and these Native shoes are even cuter! I may just have to get Charlie a pair for the summer. According to the reviews the different styles fit differently, but they generally run wide and big (so did Crocs for Charlie) so you may want to try them in person or order a couple of different sizes from Zappos, which is what I usually do.

Would you buy Natives for your child?