Now that summer is here and we’re out and about all weekend, I want to purchase an organizer for our Maclaren Quest umbrella stroller. I first looked to the universal organizer by Maclaren, but several reviewers stated that the cup holder is too small to hold any beverages other than small plastic water bottles, and that’s one of the most important features we’re looking for in an organizer.

I recently came across the new Infantino Stretch, created specifically for umbrella strollers. Made of flexible neoprene, the Stretch slips onto your umbrella stroller’s handles. It has four storage pockets for keys, phone, etc., and two insulated pockets for beverages. You can easily toss it in the washing machine, and it folds flat when you fold the stroller.

We currently have a Sunshine Kids Buggy Buddy that we’re using on our Bugaboo Bee (and previously our City Mini). It works great with those two strollers, but it doesn’t fold down, which is a nice feature to have for an umbrella stroller. The Sunshine Kids Buggy is also harder to clean (for some reason it gets filthy pretty quickly), and I like that I can just toss the Stretch into the washing machine.

Do you have a stroller organizer that you love?